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Chris Evans as Curtis in Snowpiercer

I was the man with the knife.”


"The Walking Dead" autograph signing [25.07.2014]


Dean O’Gorman, Melbourne Oz Comic Con 2014 [x]



"I definitely like true stories. But there are limitations to playing somebody that exists, so I wouldn’t say that I would always run at that… because I’m limited to kind of what they look like, what they move like and talk like. There are limitations to creating a character that way, but I do like the challenge of finding the "why" [behind] their behavior. It’s kind of like when we build houses. We don’t build new houses — we take beautiful architecture that already existed. It’s just falling down, and we redo it. It’s taking something that’s already quite beautiful, already exists, and being creative and reinventing it. It’s kind of like the same thing with playing a real-life character."